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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Experience vs. Change?

One of the key debate slogans of this election.

Can anyone in his right mind explain to me, how possibly an outsider can come into a very complex environment, without a solid network of influencal contacts and friends and then go ahead and implement change?

What a load of BS, defying any fundamental principle of logic. In order to change something one must profoundly know the animal first. If you do not understand how something works, ow can you be so arrogant to state and promise to come in and immediately change it to the better.

In that regard Obama as well as Romney completely miss the point and only prove mine that they are lightweights, spilling nothing but empty slogans. The system in Washington is complex beyond belief. getting legislature passed is a matter of endless and careful pragmatic balancing, negotiating and compromising.

As a turn around manager for several small to large companies, I can testify to that fact. The first year coming into such a corporation in trouble is spent on nothing but learning and analysing - the so called situations analysis. not before you utterly comprehend, how they work, the procedures and mechanisms, the clients, the product, can you possibly suggest remedies.

Now look at our Government, which is so much more complex and involves so many more people - all with interests and also responsibilities to their own constituencies. Of course it is normal that any Congressmen involved in a legislative subpanel will try to get something for his own people - after all he/she has been elected to do so. Look at the powerful lobbies. Then multiply this by 100 when considering the big picture involving our allies and other countries. Then multiply this again and consider our "enemies" and economic competitors worldwide.

This is the environment any new President has to navigate and C H A N G E for the better. How can he /she possibly do that without years of working within the environment first? If we really want some things changed ( and most of the American People truly wish that), then no one in his right mind can possibly argue for newbies like Obama or Romney. They would be burned to rubble by the political grind work within months. Naivety or Illusions will not help. Charisma will not help - it takes the unattractive day to day detail work and knowledge of the system only a person like John can bring to the table who knows the place, the mechanisms and the players.

Who will get something rather passed, Obama or John McCain? Who can build alliances in the Congress and senate rather, Romney or McCain? Who can possibly bridge the isle on specific issues?

The answer is to my opinion clear as daylight. If we do not only want solutions, but also implementations and execution of such plans and strategies, the answer can only be McCain.

Without deep, deep experience, there can not be any change.

It does not suffice anymore to keep on blabbering about Washington being broken, it is time to actually change it. John has been amazingly successful in working towards it - consider, what this man could do if in the powerful position of President. he is liked and respected across the party lines ( can you say the same for Hillary or Obama or Romney?) Wouldn;t he be the only and logical solution to actually get bipartisan majorities to effectively implement and execute on new legislature?

Just for a second - picture your car. Something is wrong with it. It does not run smoothly anymore. Would you rather have it fixed by an experienced mechanic or a medical doctor?


If you fake it, at least do it right.......

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


FAKE! You got pwned. LOL.

The photo of Obama on the phone is obviously fake. You can find the original via Google, and the shirt cuff is way too blurry. But if those two facts weren''t enough to show that it's fake, check the clock. LOL. We all know by now that Mr. McCain doesn't use computers, but perhaps you folks could learn about this nifty program called "Photoshop."

The End, Folks

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