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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


John seems to be weak on the topic of immigration, as far as many Republicans are concerned.
Too liberal if not outright amnesty are many of the comments from the right wing.

I suggest that he (and the respective team of experts) investigate a proven and very successful template - the system Switzerland has to manage immigration, borders, administration and registration up to and not limited to a softly enforced assimilation.

Switzerland has a higher immigration rate per capita than California. Albeit it has managed to keep the flow in control and the people in a homogenous structure. A far cry from our society, diversified, polarized, ghettos in almost every single large city.

Assuming John will win the nomination he will need to present an all encompassing plan to address the issue, otherwise the Democrats will mercilessly hammer him on a "weakness" as perceived by even the Republicans.

It will take the wind out of the sail of anyone who will try to take advantage of it.
Let's discuss it.


Kev said...

The U.S. has a much larger border than Switzerland in which to stem the flow of immigration, no? We have to rely on new technology, a "virtual fence" that is marginally effective and constantly overcome new methods of bringing people (and things) into the country through the use of more sophisticated tunneling designed by engineers. To harden the border is a futile pursuit and if we try harder to reinforce it then let us at least acknowledge that those who are already here, will stay here. Amnesty is a wise course of action. For instance, in Michigan a Latino who walked up to an INS officer and said "I'm illegal" would likely elicit the response "so what" because Michigan does not have enough INS officers to deport illegals. They go after illegals who are committing crimes and that is enough.

Weisz said...

I absolutely agree with you that the US has a much more difficult problam than Switzerland, due to the size of the country alone.

MY point is that instead of symptom fighting ( right now the key word is "strenghtening the border) the issue must be addressed in a comprehensive manner with a comprehensive plan and strategy. This includes Citizen migration control via ID card and a process forcing you to check in and check out of any community you move to and from, it includes a form of "forced assimilation", meaning that immigrants will be helped to learn the national language, and the rules and laws of the society, in order to assimilate - but after that, they undergo the very same education in the very same language as everybody else. There are no such things as street signs in a different language in any city of Switzelrand, no Chinatowns, little Italies, or any other ghettos, where some people don't speak a world of the national language, leading to this so fractured social fabric of our society....
Yes, it includes a solid border control for which we would have the corresponding technology.
It would take a revision of the law that any child born here becomes automatically US Citizen - something which is so widely abused by pregnant women coming in throough the tunnels, having their babies here and then US authorities could not possibly deport the parents of a US Citizen....
It would require strict laws as to not appeasing Illegals by issuing them drivers licenses for instance.
As long as bad behaviour is rewarded, bad behaviour is going to be happening. Simple as that.
Yes California too is dependent on "cheap labor" as well as Michigan....well go haead and create seasonal job visas/programs so this labor force can come in legally.

IN a nutshell, Switzerland has a very decent template in place which could easily serve as a faisible strategy for the US. Not only could Illegal Immigration problems be tackled, but other problems with the same strategy as well. Especially our socio-demographic powder barrel, cities, no longer having their own identity, but having become a conglomerate of various socio-demographic clusters which can erupt against each other at any time as demonstrated in the Rodney King Riots here in LA could be defused to some extent.

For people like me who went through the painful process of legal immigration, it is a slap in our face to see time and again amnesties and reward for coming to this country illegally.

I am for obvious reasons not against immigration - after all it is a foundation of this great country. But if we continue to reward bad behaviour with continuous leniency, you take away any motivation to do it the right way.

The way to resolve the problem once and for all is a balance between protection, prevention and deterrence. The privileges of being a legal alien with the rights to have social security, the right to drive and many other rights shouldbe coupled with some duties such as the check in/out at any community you live. On the one side it rewards the people who come here legally, on the other it should deter the ones who want a free pass.
The way we cater to all the many minorities by allowing them to build entire cities within our own, teach elementary school in their original language is in the long term desastrous.
Up to college they can use their own language... after that in college - English only please....
That is the reason why so many members of minorities do not get a higher education...have to rely on affirmative action to have a chance....
It is in fact so simple....if you come here, you have to learn the language and function in this country if not adopt this country n a very patriotic manner.
I just lately was down in LA in Koreatown.....10 Cityblocks of nothing but a Korean City...
I happen to love Koreans and their food, but when I tried to do some shopping there, they had to find someone first who spoke English enough to take my order.... That happens in every large city of the US with almost any minority (Vietnam, China, Hispanics, Cubans etc etc.)...
America, the melting pot, has in the meantime been replaced by a pragmatic co-existence fo various subcultures, at least, as the Cities are concerned...

If we care for America and its values, we all must come toghether and counteract this so dangerous trend. Some form of forced assimilation, one ( or two) defined national languages, one set of rules and education for all is the only way for us to become a unified country again. And - we need a President who can stand above race and the aforementioned clusters of various cultures.
Only John McCain to my opinion has the credibility to see all races as one America. He does not bring up race every other day such as Obama. And he does not attend a racist church either.

The End, Folks

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