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Monday, November 10, 2008

Ideas from an Independent Viewpoint - Open Letter to Obama

Dear President Obama,

I was one of those, who did not vote for you. We lost one of the most lopsided elections in my lifetime - lopsided, as all the advantages were on your side.

I applaude your intelligence to take advantage of all these things ( Media, Money, Economy, Bush) and without comitting a mistake, cruise to the presidency. I applaude your ability to move and motivate the emotions of so many people, desperately hoping for change and improving conditions. So desperate in fact that all caution and factors usually important during an Election were thrown overboard and voting happened on an emotional level. Now what?

I for indstance decided to think country first and will support you in any way I can. I decided to see the glass half full and offer constructive ideas to help this country I love so much. I want you to become the single most successful president in recent history. I hope that I was wrong in all my assessments of your policy platform and my fears in terms of your associations and Chicago background.

My first suggestion is to you to focus on the economy. With a strong economy, most things can happen. Without - nothing is possible, It is the fundament for any success you may enjoy.

First, I implore you not to raise taxes on businesses. Companies, responsible to create jobs again and expand, should never be taxed during a recession. I hope yu will not create a business unfriendly environment which will result in higher prices and even more layoffs. Those few hundred dollars in private tax cuts would so be offset by a mile with higher cost of living, more monthly burden on the citizen.

If you aggressively supported the three pillars of short-term energy production, where America has huge possibilities and reserves, you may be able to kill several flies with one stone. let me explain:

America has the largest Coal and Shale Oil reseves in the world. America has the technology to rapidly roll out additional nuclear powerplants. By taking advantage of these conventional pillars of energy production fast, you will achieve several strategic objectives:

1.You can help generating millions of new jobs here in the US>>> economy stimulation
2. You can fast reduce our energy cost >>>>> stimulation of our economy.
3. You can fast mitigate our dependency from foreign oil>>>>>reduction of deficit

3.1 Reduce the need for military engagement in conflict laden regions
3.2. reduce the cost to support these efforts
3.3. gain huge popular support worldwide
3.4 Pay down the deficit much sooner
3.5. Create jobs in the US, revenue by the US, for the US

4. Buy time until your alternative push has an effect and such technology is rolled out.

An aggressive Energy Plan along the line of the Apollo Program, One single strategic initiative, will serve a variety of objectives. it would have a gave impact on our economy in terms of job creation, alleviate the burden on all Americans, get us in the right direction of a 'greener" economy without killing the people in the process, reduce on a Foreign Policy dimension areas of potential conflict, hence allow you to reduce cost on maintaining troops and bases in foreign countries, will give you thus bargaining chips with Russia and other "difficult" countries to obtain soon deals and agreements and hence results, which will boost your popularity domestically thus granting you more leeway and strength to implement programs which may either not be too popular with either the people or ultra-left wings of your own party.

In Marketing and Business, we call such a strategy a " free WoolMilkPigChicken".

With one focused initiative you can help the economy by gaining revenue and creating jobs, while lowering cost, thus help the people, resolve many foreign policy issues and potential conflict areas. All of aforementioned resources can be tapped in an environment conscient manner.
This initiative I would call the Strategic Energy & Economy Revolution, an initiative to be energy independent within 10 years and basing on a green economy within 20, could become your lasting legacy.

While you at first will be bogged down with symptom fighting (bailouts for various industries) just to keep us afloat for ths short term, The American People need a factual vision beyond "Hope", "Change" and fluffy slogans, as honeymoons fade fast. As sarcastic, as it may sound, this nation is a nation of immediate gratification with an impatient people. Presidencies, as the Bush Admin has proven, are as much PR, as they are effective government. People need a vision they can buy in and in cases even makes them willing to sacrifice.

History has shown, that the first 100 days are crucial. You need some fast successes or results. You will need to earn some credit quick.

On Foreign Policy, you can win some quick points, as you have a unique opportunity due to your background and status as a newby. For sheer pragmatic reasons, mainly based on dwindling economies and a networked global economy, Russia will be willing to talk and negotiate. if you play your cards right, you should be able to get them on board with a mutual defense shield, stroking their egos a bit in terms of importance. They are forced to come to terms with you and with you they can do so without losing face. Some deal could be made in terms of Georgia, Afghanistan, as they themselves have a vital interest to keep fanatic islamism in check , due to their own minorities. In other words, the current problems force all major players to compromise.

With Obama they can do so without losing face. Just finding constructive, partnership oriented common ground with Russia alone, can bring your administration many brownie points with the people. And soon. It will allow you to put some (non-military pressure on IRAN to abandon their plans for a nuclear program. Without support from Russia and North Korea, such plans should be delayed tremendously, especially if one considers, that IRAN as well suffers hugely from the current economy crisis, hence would possibly be open to economic stimulation or pressure. You can win some quick points with our allies in Europe, if you support any Kyoto type agreement and signal a more conciliant position towards Russia, abandoning for instance some ineffective plans (shield in former Eastern Republics), while getting some compromise for Georgia, Afghanistan and Iran in turn.

Dear Mr. President,

If you focus on just the Economy for the moment, acting reasonably in terms of the tactical approach to bailouts and immediate stimulation, postpone tax hikes, and at the same time lay out the aforementioned Strategic Energy & Economy Initiative, while getting some quick results in Foreign Policy, you will get the Obama Presidency from the get go on an historic track.

You can not keep alll the promises you made. Nobody could. You will finbd yourself in opposition to either some ultra-left wingers or the mainstream at some point.

Fact however is, if you manage to unite the country behind one focused strategic vision and get results in terms of our well-being as a nation, get us jobs and a sound basis again, you will get so much credit, that during a second term you can aggressively tackle your plans for health care or education.

In other words, if you can get the people behind you for a sound feasible short and long term economic recovery, based upon Jobs in America for America and By Americans, creating new revenue streams for America, as we at some point my abe able to even export some to our allies - all of which can be generated with aforementioned Energy plan, there will not be a "Read My Lips" backlash, just because you were not able to keep all the promises. You may lose some disgruntled liberals, but you will win the centre by a landslide.

If you do not only react to the economy (bailouts etc.) wisely, but initiate the wollmilkpig, which is even in line with 70% of the American People, you will unite the country, create jobs, if not even an outright boom, keep cost low, boost the economy, reduce our dependence and need for engagement abroad, create a ton of goodwill, in other words - you can have it all. And you can achieve that fast, as emotion is a strong driving force and you are a master of channeling emotion.

This leads me to another advice - on a leadership style dimension.

All of the popular presidents of recent history, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, JFK, were masters of communication.

They allowed the people to participate. They involved the people in their decision making process. They were not far removed from the people, talkiing down to them, they came close to the basis, explained their plans, communicated. In PR we say, where info is missing rumors grow.

I invite you to follow these great examples and not commit the biggrest BUSH mistake, tight, secret, unilateral actions, control of the message to the extent of rumor milling by the media.

Open your administration up, Sir - discuss and communicate as often as possible. be transparent and allow the people to understand the challenges. Be as Clinton was in touch with the normal Joe Blow and his concerns and fears. Be humble and contradict all those who called you arrogant and elitist. Come across as self-depreceating, as Reagan so successfully did. This endears you to the people. Arrogance - even percieved - will push them away.

If the people are thus enabled to understand your struggles and challenges - understand your thinking process, they will buy into even tough decisions so much easier.

I strongly advise you to prove me wrong in terms of bi-parttisanship.

Other countries in such circumstances know the term of Grand Coalition. Governing from the centre, involving some of the top Republican business professionals, even bring in great figures such as Condoleeza-Rice, Powell, McCain into such a coalition of national unity, creating bi-partisan think tanks for economy, energy, foreign policy, involving publicly some of the great former secrtetaries of state for instance, letting these think tanks or tiger teams advise you in a transparent manner - all of this will truly create a "Grand Coalition" - unity.

You have a chance to take unbelievable new avenues - it is almost expected. Here you can prove those expectations right and win huge credit.

We independents are certainly willing to give you an honest chance to unite this country behind a vision. I pray for you and that you have to courage to do what's right for this great country.

If you do, you will have our support for future programs we would have never entertained.
If you get us out of the mess now, we will be with you, when grand social ideas come to the table.
If you are pragmatic now, we will be idealistic with you later.

With much respect

Michel C. Zala

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