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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

60 Days of the Obama Admin

Just replace the name Gordon Brown with Barack Obama and you have a great synopsis of the Obama Agenda.

In a Nutshell: The nightmare is coming true.
We have entered into an unheard of spending spree by Washington. The Gov has taken over entire industries. 200000 Jobs are already being created in Gov. The unproductive area of our economy is being engorged, while the productive sector is contracting due to taxes and burdens on businesses.Unemployment rate has exploded from 4% during the Bush years to 11% now with an enormous rate of outsourcing and off-shoring by the remaining businesses. We are in the process of a unprecedented re-distribution of wealth and shift to the left. Promises of eliminating Pork and Earmarks are broken. The Admin stacked with former lobbyists and representatives of exactly those institutions which ran oour country into the ground ( Fannie, Freddy, AIG, Lehman and the likes). 17B were oured into the automotive sector with a 12B monthly burn rate....while the Unions, the main culprits of the crisis were not touched - hence the hands of management are cuffed behind their backs. Within 10 years, every American child will be born with a 200,000$ debth. Within 60 days we have seen gaffes in staffing, the treasury department at present still not yet fully staffed. Clinton, a gifted person, was assigned as Sec State, albeit, in reality it is Biden and special Envoys reporting directly to Obama who make the policy to the extent that nowadays we do not know any longer, who is in charge of Foreign Policy. Guantanamo will be closed, albeit - no one produced any solid ideas as to what to do with the prisoners. War on Terror no longer - Man Made Disasters..... Open hands to Iran and a slap in the face in return. Open hands to Putin - no results in Georgia and a key base in Kirgistan closed. Signals of appeasement - NK announces a Rocket test.

On every dimension - every aspect we see hectic activity, PR conference after conference, late night talk show appearances, talk, talk , talk - Yet no action and any tangible result.

Wallstreet - historically always right on the mark in its prognosis and forecast - does not trust Obama. Trillions of wealth already wiped out.

9000 Earmarks in just the latest legislation - where is the promised line by line review
The Fierce Urgency of Pork, by C. Krauthammar

The Obamaist Manifesto

15B into Energys sector in comparison to 500B into entitlement programs such as education health care and similar... ( non-productive area of the economy)
The Great Non Sequitur
The Sleight of Hand Behind Obama's Agenda

Operational hectic in foreign policy and economy with legislators not even reading their own legislation, resulting in the AIG Bonus Debacle.

Appeasement vs Iran and new politically correct expressions - War on Terror now called outside contingency Operations and Terror is now called : Man Made Disasters....
Obama's Supine Diplomacy

Obama still campaigning, running from Newsoutlet to Talkshow, from Internet townhall meeting to press conference....

Obama stating that the fundamentals of our economy are strong- - where have we heard this before and who got slammed by whom for daring to state this fact?

America is in the process of the most massive shift towards a socialist regime with buraucrats in the process of running entire industries instead of leaving this to subject matter experts.

What has been sold to us as stimulus is to its greatest extent an exploding entitelement arena, such as health care, education and social security. A massively blown up goverment is the consequence.

Businesses are in the process of being further taxed and burdened, are in the process of further outsourcing production capacity abroad and here in the US the unemployment rate at (officially) 11% reflects that trend of a contracting economy. Roosevelt's policies drew the crisis out for over 10 years and Obama is in the process of repeating exactly this mistake. You can not spend yourself out of a crisis, you cannot borrow yourself out of debth. The only way to stimulate job growth is lowering the burden on businesses, stimulating them to expand and invest. Obamas policy burdens the private sector further and in the process indebths America for generations.

Look at the car industry. Obama rightfully points out some of the management errors. But he forgets to mention to the American People that the biggest cost factor in any industgry and any business is the labor cost. How can a company be competititve, if GM for instance pays its UAW workers 78$/hour and Toyota its non unionized workforce 35$? No way in hell can GM ever successfully compete. Obama knew that fact and now while removing management, he never finds fault with the Unions who are at least as responsible in running the industry to the ground.He knew it before he shelled out 17B and now fakes outrage...before further throwing good money after bad. Once again, operational hectic, naivety or plain ideology. But then again - the unions are of course his biggest supporters.

Where is the strategic energy initiative which could save us all? Including drilling, shale oil exploration, off-shore, nuclear power plants, all of which 70% of the Americans supported? It would create top paying jobs, reduce our capital outflow to Saudi Arabia and Kuweit, where we still procure 40% of our oil, create new wealth and revenue streams iin the US and reduce the need and cost to engage in chronically unstable regions in the world. Obama stopped any effort in terms of oil and nuclear energy and put just about 15B into his energy independence initiative. Compared to hundreds of Billons of Dollars for just AIG or the promises in terms of education and health care, that amount is a joke.

So far, the results of the first periode of the hectic Obama Admin are more than discouraging. Naivety, arrogance or stupidity are qualifications which come to mind. No bipartisanship so ever, ideology over pragmatism is the rule. One is reminded of the Carter Admin. While the man is still enjoying the hype of the newcomer, he pushes his left agenda through, while he still owns a bit of popularity. A message of doom and gloom, blaming the Bush Admin for everything is the rule. Up to this day the man still campaigns - builds a garage rather than acknowledging that the house is on fire. An admin full of special interest lobbyists and social democrats, supported by moveon and still a majority of the media.

The American People do not want some bureaucrats deciding life altering decisions in terms of health. The American people do not want DC to run entire industries. America is not founded upon the notion that the government is running every single aspect of our lives. Most of all we do not want to run up a debth of 200k per child. We could care less about semantics in terms of war on terror or man-made disasters.

We want a government and most of all a congress which does its job of creating, discussing and passing of intelligent legislature, not morons who do not even read their own bills and spike them with 9000 Earmarks. We want transparency - Hell yes!. We want to know which senator or representative is amending what legisalture with pork, so we can fire them the next time around. But ironically, while Obama promotes transparency and runs from one news outlet to another selling his ideology, nowhere are we able to find exactly that info. Where is our money going? For what purpose? Who introduced an earmark. For what? If we had this info at our fingertips, I guarantee you, heads would roll the next time around. Hence the Obama admin does exactly in the mission-critical area not offer any transparency, as it would lead to an electoral desaster.

I call upon the American people to state an example and fire the entire congress in 2 years, starting with Pelosi, Barney, Dodd, Kerry, Reid, Franks, including every single Republican who dared to insert an Earmark in the latest budget or got campaign contributions from AIG, Fannie and the likes. Evidently it is upon us to clean up Washington , as Obama shows no inclination to do so. The swamp has gotten deeper and nastier.

We said it before - be careful what you wish for, as you may get it. An inexperienced president of radical left origin with a far left agenda. A shift to wealth re-distribution and socialism, making the exact same mistakes the Europeans long since have come to realize.

The End, Folks

Photobucket Fluff Zala, Foreign Policy Desk ....................................................... Even though my Candidate is stereotyped quite heavily, the video below is hilarious. It should remind us all, not to lose our humor and buy into predictions of doom, but have faith in The American People to do what's right. America is powerful and strong, and , so God will, we will remain a beacon of hope and freedom not just to our own melting pot, but to the rest of the world. God bless you, Dear Reader, for doing the work and taking the time to study the provided material, then go and vote with a clear conscience of having made an informed decision.
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Most of all: God Bless America