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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Talking Points from a Conservative Viewpoint

I recently visited a blogsite which considers itself as truly conservati ve and lists strong objections to John McCain. Instead of dismissing those members of the Republican Party as Right Wingers, I see them as the conscience of the party, reminding us on the "pure" core values - some form of Zen goal one should try to work towards to, but never really accomplishes fully.

I was harshly commented, when I posted a moderate piece. One of the replies reflects a sentiment within the Republican Party, noone should just dismiss, which is why I will quote the issues and then offer my slant on things.

Overall, to set the tone
- I am a pragmatist and optimist. I truly believe that 4 steps into the right direction are superior to 2 steps backwards.
- I am a business exec who tries to utilize a leadership style of listening to my specialists and let them do what they're good at and specifically educated to do.
- Changing/adapting my opinion/strategy due to (evolving or changing) frame condition, or adopting someone else's idea I consider not as flip-flopping, but as strength to change vs. stubborness.

>>>McCain was the leading opponent to Bush tax cuts and used Dem rhetoric to try and stop them. He now is for them? You believe him. That is your problem>>>>>
Arnold here tried recently to push some initiative forward like a bulldozer, then got slapped by the voters. The next day he came out and humbly apologized, admitting factual mistakes and taking full responsibility for the defeat. I appreciate such humility and honesty, inasmuch as John did something similar concerning the cuts. He had the guts to change opinion and admit so, even though he knew he would be called flip-flopper for sure.
To learn, accept, evolve and adapt it to my opinion a strength - not a weakness.

>>>>> Continued here>>>>


Weisz (Michel C. Zala) said...

Continued from Front>>>>>>

>>> McCain says he will make us energy independent with new innovations. McCain was and still is the leading force against drilling for oil in Alaska and the continental US. McCain has led this force for dependence of foreign resources since 1992. He is responsible for the high gas prices and high inflation. You believe he is going to make us energy independent. That is your problem.>>>>>>

I disagree with John on drilling in Alaska and hope he will revise his position, as our dependence will last for some time to come.
I also hope that he will adopt Giuliani's Apollo program geard towards independence within 10 years. It is not John who is responsible for the high gas prices, but the increased demand drives the price up, driven by the boiling economies in China and India. He is not only the only one with an intelligent strategy, but also the only one who admits the idiocy of Biofuel and the corresponding subventions.....He lost an entire primary over this issue.....that demands respect.

>>> McCain says he is a hawk on national defense and against Islamic terror. He is the Amnesty leader and refuses to take strong action to secure the borders, while he sends our soldiers to the Mideast to protect their borders. You believe him when he says he gets it now when even his latest rhetoric points to more Amnesty legislation>>>>>>

I think that above is mixing two seperate issues.
McCain is not sending our troops to protect their borders, but to ensure stability in a region, where every small conflict will result in even higher inflated Oil prices. So our own direct prosperity is at stake here. Even assumed that the a concerted 10 years strategy for independence from foreign Oil comes into effect, it is critical to safeguard our interests in the middle east and at the same time keep the Iranians and Syrians in check.
Pertaining to Immigration, nobody has the right answer here.Especially not Obama who will implement a much more wide reaching amnesty legislation. See my post under "Immigration" further down. In a nutshell, thinking that our borders can be hermetically sealed, is nonsense. A multi-facetted approach must be selected, counteracting symptoms as well as cause. So far I have yet to hear about a better idea, than what John is proposing. In my mind it is in fact not going far enough, but the alternative is worse.

>>>>You believe he will appoint conservative judges, when his record shows he blocked Republican efforts at Constitutional enforcement of majority consent in the Senate that would have prevented liberal filibusters.>>>>

Once again I take John McCain at his word, as publicly stated just recently. He promised to appoint judges who do not legislate but uphold the constitution.
As far as his legislative record goes, the sword always cuts on both ends. As opposed to Obama, who sponsored just 2 bills, John did his job and legislated.

Arguing that Obama did not destroy the Republican Party, is easy, as Obama did absolutely nothing during his time in the Senate. The few times he actually voted, he was so far left, that he disqualified himself as any alternative to John McCain. John's voting record is fundamentally Republican with >90% of the votes in concurrence with the official line.

>>His dissing of the Constitution with Campaign Finance Reform shows that he will need liberal judges to protect his baby against further erosion and in fact expand it as he has stated that we need to accomplish>>>>

Considering the undue influence of lobbies and special interests in our politics, I see Campaign Finance Reform as more than overdue. It is these interests which are to my opinion not constitutional - certainly was it not meant by our founding fathers that business is driving politics to this extent.

>>>His attempt to shut down the gun shows by killing regulation is his example of opposition to the 2nd amendment. Who finance his Campaign Finance and Gun show legislation? That great conservative George Soros.>>>>

Not even the democrats are pledging to infere on the 2nd Amdmt. Neither does John. I myself own guns and visit these shows regularly. Based upon my personal experience, I feel too that they should be much better controlled, as they are basically black markets for illegal Ammo and guns.

>>>>How about his most recent draconian, Al Gore backing, campaign to stop Global Warming. How many totally wasted Billions do you think that is going to cost?>>>
No matter, if GW is, as some declare, just a statistical anomaly or natural biorythm, these concerns reflect a profound sentiment throughout the globe. John is not proposing to do it alone - but hold China and others also responsible and accountable. Further, these efforts will create a whole new industry with many jobs and at the same time serve a decent ethical purpose. Killing Kyoto was Bush's first slap in the face of our European Allies, alienating many. Taking up a topic which is dear to so many, is also going a long way towards re-establing respect and appreciation worldwide. Such can not be measured in Dollars, but will result in a ton of Goodwill and economical development.

>>>>How about peddling embryonic stem cell research in place of adult stem cell research by just calling for stem cell research, when we know he is the leading advocate of spending billions of tax dollars on embryonic cell research. That is killing human life for experimental purposes if you did not know. Does he mention all 80+ successful treatments of human ailments have come from Adult stem cell applications? I think you would be hard pressed to find those statements>>>>>>>>

This is indeed a centrist position, where John is in disagreement with large segments of the Republican Party, albeit in agreement with many Democrats and Moderate Republicans. As far I as know however, John supports the research on embrionic stemcells, where these can be harvested "naturally", instead of destroying them. Certainly not promotes late term abortions with that one goal in mind.

>>The Republicans have lost their brand identity because of John McCain and people like him in congress. We got a heads-up in 06. We will get taps in 08 thanks to John McCain. That is why we cannot bring ourselves to vote for the man we see as responsible for destroying the Party and Country

I think GWB did that nicely by himself. Your argument is tragic, as you accept that Obama shall take us completely into the abyss, only to prove a point.
If you adopted a constructive, responsible approach, voting for
our candidate, at least you gave the next generation a fighting chance. I rather take two steps in the right direction now, which may be a boring thing, but take us all the way back from 8 years (10 steps back) of an Obama desaster.

We will get the same outcome from either candidate. If the Country is to be destroyed, let it be said that a Democrat did it, not a Republican In Name Only>>>>>

That's again a cop out similar to the hard core Clintono democrats who will not vote for Obama, only to prove a point.

The contrast between Obama and McCain is clear as daylight. Evidence to that fact is listed here in abundance. Just because McCain is not going far enough for you, should never motivate any true Republican to hand over the Presidency to such a potentially dangerous man. Look at the real challenges we face and the contrasting approach of the candidates..... Don;t you realize that we can't afford to make a mistake this time around?

If the country is to be destroyed, let it be a Democrat? So you wanna see it destroyed, just so you can say "I told YOu so"? That's irresponsible and contrary to any core value of a true Republican, is my feeling -
No offense intended - I still hope you will review the evidence listed here to various topics and eventually come to the conclusion that never before was it so important for us Republicans to unite. Even then, we'll need a lot of centrists to avoid a catastrophy.

J.B. Stephens said...

This whole thing of Obama’s makes no sense what so ever. How dare he go over to Iraq while our president and senator McCain are fighting a holy war on terrorism to keep the whole good and God fearing Christian world safe? Who elected him to anything and why did our president allow him to meat with the President and Vice President of Iraq? It’s an outrage. Our President is fighting a war on terror and trying to bring Christianity to a part of the world that needs it the most. (Our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence mentions Jesus Christ a total of 234 times…. who says we are not a country steeped in Christ?) The fact that elections are going forward at all is a mystery to many of us. We should have learned from WWII that you don’t change horses in the middle of the stream. What about the faith based initiatives that our President has imitated? Don’t they mean anything? Basically, we’re saying that anyone who doesn’t believe the Jesus Christ is our lord and save year, and just get the hell out of our country!!!

Yours in Christ, J.D. Stephens

Anonymous said...

The trip is nothing but a cheap publicity stunt to get foreign policy exposure and make Obama look presidential..... Once again the mainstream media buys in and sends all the main anchors along....so much for unbiased reporting, hahahah.

I just can not believe that the American People are that gullible and dumb to not see through this ploy, no matter how many flags are nicely draped in the background of every photoshoot.

The fact that even some foreign state officials are seemingly willing to be part of the Obama Campaign only shows me that abroad many are scared shitless of him and do not know what he actually stands for - especially, as he on several occasions on Foreign Policy matters recently flip flopped all over the place.... better safe than sorry is their motto. It is tragic and a travesty of ouor electoral system...

I lost every bit of remaining respect for this candidate who will not shy away from anything to win the White House.

The End, Folks

Photobucket Fluff Zala, Foreign Policy Desk ....................................................... Even though my Candidate is stereotyped quite heavily, the video below is hilarious. It should remind us all, not to lose our humor and buy into predictions of doom, but have faith in The American People to do what's right. America is powerful and strong, and , so God will, we will remain a beacon of hope and freedom not just to our own melting pot, but to the rest of the world. God bless you, Dear Reader, for doing the work and taking the time to study the provided material, then go and vote with a clear conscience of having made an informed decision.
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